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New You Bariatric Center was formed to provide a new, comprehensive approach to assisting all patients in meeting their weight loss goals.

Whether you have a few stubborn extra pounds, or need to address excess weight to relieve dangerous health conditions, the journey to the new you will be more successful with the right tools and the right team to guide you on your path. Unlike some surgical weight loss practices, New You Bariatric Center focuses on all aspects of losing weight.

Every patient will be offered:

The surgeons at New You Bariatric Center are keenly aware that patients who arrive having had a previous bariatric surgery with a different surgeon may have difficulty reaching or maintaining their goals despite hard work and effort. Through no fault of their own, often a procedure was chosen that does not provide enough help to overcome the genetic and behavioral challenges associated with weight. New You Bariatric Center offers the complete range of revision bariatric surgery with proven results.

Meet Our Physicians

Dr. Bryan Brewer

Dr. Bryan D. Brewer

Dr. Brewer values the opportunity to guide his patients along the journey to change habits that lead to weight gain into habits that maintain better health. He is committed to helping each patient find their perfect medical, non-surgical, or surgical weight loss option.

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Dr. Charlotte Hodges

Dr. Charlotte Hodges

Dr. Hodges is simply thrilled to be able to offer her patients both medical and surgical weight loss options. She performs all weight loss procedures, including laparoscopic revision bariatric surgery.

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