Good nutritional support is the key to your weight loss success.

New You Bariatric Center has partnered with Bariatric Dietitian Services to provide you with the best nutritional care available at the best price available. Kyle Rose is a Registered Dietitian and is the founder of Bariatric Dietitian Services. He has personally guided over 2000 patients through the nutrition changes required to succeed with weight loss surgery. In his experience, 75% of the weight loss surgery patients have exceeded the national average for excess weight lost following surgery at one year post-op.

Nutrition Visits

During your initial consultation, New You Bariatric Center will coordinate your referral to Bariatric Dietitian Services. As part of your weight loss journey, you may be required to complete one or multiple supervised diet visits before your case will be submitted to your insurance company for approval.

  • For your convenience, all of the nutrition services that are provided are completed online or via phone.
  • Each one-hour visit is $50 ($55 after hours or on weekends).
  • Bariatric Dietitian Services are in-network with most Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna insurance plans. Your insurance will be verified prior to your initial consultation. Most patients with these insurance plans have dietitian benefits and your consult will be no out of pocket cost to you.

Vitamin and Protein Requirements

All bariatric patients are required to supplement their diet with both vitamins and protein supplementation. Whether you are preparing for surgery, recovering from surgery or maintaining your diet, proper supplementation is key to long term success. Encouraging proper nutrition and supplementation is also the basis for our medical weight loss programs as well.


  • Bariatric patients need a complete multivitamin (not prenatal) on a daily basis

Calcium Citrate 500 mg – 600 mg, three times daily

Iron 29 mg

Vitamin B12

  • Sublingual tablet (dissolves under your tongue) daily OR
  • 5000 -7000 µg of B12 nasal spray weekly OR
  • B12 injection monthly (these are provided in our office and as a prescription)

Vitamin D3 5000 IU daily

Protein Supplement

  • Sleeve and Gastric Bypass patients are required to have 60-80 gms of protein supplement daily
  • Duodenal Switch and Revision Malabsorpative Bypass patients are required to have 120 gms of protein supplement daily

Pre-Operative Diets

All patients undergoing surgery will need to undergo a pre-operative diet. Typically, patients are on a liquid diet for 7 days prior to surgery. This allows the liver to shrink in size and allows better intraoperative visualization.

Post-Operative Diets

All patients undergoing surgery will need to undergo a six week post-operative diet. During your nutrition visit, the dietitian will explain the details of the post-operative diet.

  • Week 1: Clear liquid diet
  • Week 2: Full/Thick liquid diet
  • Weeks 3–6: Soft Diet

Patients can find nutrition handouts to download provided by the Registered Dietitians in our patient resources section. These handouts will provide patients more detailed information on nutritional guidelines and requirements.