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Duodenal Switch Surgery

Averages 85% in excess weight loss.

The duodenal switch results in the largest amount of excess weight loss and the least weight re-gain and is one of the earliest procedures developed for weight loss. It was originally two surgeries that were performed through large abdominal incisions. The first surgery removed the majority of the stomach, a sleeve gastrectomy, to provide restriction and its resulting weight loss. Following a long recovery and adequate weight loss, another large abdominal incision was made to allow the intestinal flow to redirect food in order to drastically reduce the amount of calories absorbed from what is consumed. This malabsorption mechanism results in additional weight loss and greatly limits weight re-gain. Now the surgery is done laparoscopically using six small incisions and a camera to visualize the abdominal contents.

Benefits of Duonenal Switch Surgery

Type 2 diabetes resolved or improved in 86% of people 1

High blood pressure resolved or improved in 79% of people 1

High cholesterol improved in 70% of people 1

Obstructive sleep apnea resolved in 86% of people 1

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How it Works

The duodenal switch surgery is done laparoscopically using six small incisions and a camera to visualize the abdominal contents. The intestines are connected directly to the end of the sleeve, but the valve that controls the rate at which the stomach empties is maintained. The majority of the intestines will only carry digestive juices. The segment of intestine that carries the mixture of digestive juices and food is approximately five feet. This results in a small percentage of calorie absorption. It also requires more protein and vitamin supplementation to meet daily needs, as well as limiting the types of food that can be consumed.

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